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$ 35.70

  • Waterproof casing allows for submersion in water up to 2 meters 
  • Shockproof ABS polymer casing to endure the toughest impact 
  • Dual rubber straps mount onto any bike frame in seconds with a guaranteed secure fit (No tools required)
  • Thicker flat gauge cable to withstand tears and pulls. 
  • 8800mAh for maximum run time for extended trips 
  • PCB (Protected Circuit Board) Prevents overcharge and over-discharge for increased battery life
  • Battery Charger Included


Battery pack excluding straps 
Height: 3.3 Inch
Depth: 2.1 Inch
Width: 2.1 Inch


Battery Pack is compatible with the following bike light sets:
- SB1 900 Lumen Cree Powered Bike Light
- PS1200 Police Bike Light
- SB1600 Bike Light
- SB2600 Bike Light
- SB3000 Bike Light 


Battery usage instructions for proper care and increased battery life: 
  • The charger light will turn red when the battery is low and green when full
  • Do not overcharge the battery after the charger light turns green
  • It is recommended to charge the battery to full when receiving the light set for the 1st time use 
  • Never completely drain the battery to 0%
  • Unplug the battery connection from the head light when not in use. This will prevent draining of the battery to 0%. 
  • Never charge the battery pack when the temperature is below 32F = 0C, as this may cause shorts to develop in the pack. 
These batteries are manufactured by Sanyan Energy Co LTD; developers of Li-ion batteries used in R/Cs, electric motor cars, mp3/4, digital cameras, solar batteries, power tools, toys, medical equipment, emergency lights, and mobile phones. They have developed batteries for popular brands (i.e., Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and Nokia.). This company has an R&D team and a quality control division. All products have passed ISO9001, CE, and UL compliance regulations.