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RESCUE A6 Emergency 6-in-1 Car Safety Device USB Car Charger Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter 2200mAh Power Bank Powerful LED Flashlight with Red Emergency Beacon

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  • CUTS YOUR SEAT BELT TO ESCAPE: The razor-sharp seat belt cutter allows you to free yourself quickly in an accident. Your seat belt latch gets locked or in other cases, you may end up in a position where you can't reach the seat belt release button that's tucked away. Don't let you or your family get trapped without the Rescue A6 seat belt cutter visible and within arms reach.
  • EASY WINDOW BREAKER: In the worst natural disaster or accident underwater, your windows will not roll down, and breaking the window is the only option. The Rescue A6 instantly breaks windows with a single tap allowing you and others to escape your vehicle. This is an essential emergency device that every car needs, which is visible and right within arms reach where your car charger lies.
  • POWERFUL LED FLASHLIGHT & RED BEACON: Blinding 130 lumens max this flashlight is all you need to change a flat tire or fix what’s needed under the hood. Offering more versatility with 3 modes (High/Low/Strobe), get longer run-times on low-mode to reach a gas station for help, or turn on high-mode for further view on what’s ahead. Use the powerful brightness of the Red strobe Beacon to signal for help. Red lights are used worldwide from Ambulance to Police Cars to signal an emergency, so never
  • PORTABLE 2200MAH POWER BANK - STAY CHARGED ALL DAY: It's compact enough to take with you in your bag or pocket when you need an emergency recharge. While standard charging cables and phone charges at 1 Amp, the Rescue A6 rapidly charges at 2 Amps. Never let your phone die and stay charged all day so you'll never miss anything important. Compatible with all phones. Latest iPhone 5,6,7 - ALL SAMSUNG Phones - Charges ANY Phone. We offer the all-in-one solution for every phone with the included 3 ca
  • NIGHT PROVISION USA IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE: Most competitors only offer support up to 6 months, we offer a Full 2 Year Limited lifetime warranty for your full protection. In addition, we offer a No hassle, No Risk, No questions asked 60 days 100% money back guarantee. Supported and shipped here in the USA.
Car accidents can happen at any time when we least expect it. This is why you and your loved ones should always be prepared with the Rescue A6 always within arms reach.
Not only is this tool designed to quickly escape vehicles, but it also offers more utility functions to make this one of the most practical car devices that everyone should own.
SEATBELT CUTTER: Use the Rescue A6 to quickly cut your seal-belt in case the buckle doesn’t release after a crash.
GLASS BREAKER: In case of a fire or water damage to your car’s electric window, use the glass window hammer to break the window with a single tap to escape.
HIGH POWERED FLASHLIGHT: Tire flats and mechanical failures can happen at any time. Always have the Rescue A6 flashlight charged and ready to guide you through the night on the roadside. Or use it whenever you travel outside your vehicle. 130 Lumens Max
FLASHING RED BEACON: A flashlight Red light signals for an emergency in all countries. Use this Red beacon to signal for help when you’re stuck on the roadside.
CAR CHARGER: Charge multiple phones or devices at the same time. Always have all your devices charging on the go.
PORTABLE POWER BANKS: In case you’ve reached your destination and you don’t have enough battery life left, take the Rescue A6 with you and continue charging through your day. Charge time: 3-4 hours. Battery Capacity: 2200mAh.