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  • REVOLUTIONARY MOTION SENSING BRAKE LIGHT: The Proton R60 auto-sensing brake light system allows your bike to shine the same way a car’s brake light does. When you brake, the R60 will auto-sense this change in motion and light a solid red 60 lumen max. This will signal to the vehicle behind to slow down to a stop, because every driver instinctively knows to brake once they see a solid red light. Revolutionary multi-axis gyroscope tech auto senses your bicycle’s motion, like no other.
  • AUTOMATICALLY TURNS ON/OFF FOR YOU: No more time wasted locating the power button to turn On/off your light. Simply park your bike, walk away, and the Proton R60 will automatically turn off. When you’re ready to ride, get on your bike and GO, the Proton R60 will sense movement and turn on automatically. INSTALLS IN SECONDS — NO COMPLICATED LEARNING REQUIRED.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE DAY OR NIGHT: 75% of accidents happen during daylight because most rear lights are hardly visible. The Proton R60 True 60 Max Lumen rating, with a rear 210 degree coverage is highly visible, NOT ONLY at Night, but Daytime as well. Powerful Dual LED’s delivers a full 60 Lumen Max while braking, making your bike brighter than most automobile’s taillights. Own the brightest & keep You, Your Friends, and Your Family Safe.
  • PLAN LONGER RIDES UP TO 30 HOURS: High capacity 680mAh USB rechargeable battery. 4 modes - increase brightness for shorter rides and decrease brightness for more run-time. Conveniently recharges with any USB port and save money and time from buying harmful toxic batteries. RUNTIME [Flashing 15 lumen - 15 hr / Constant 15 lumen - 4hr / Flashing 5 lumen – 30hr / Constant 5 lumen - 12h. (Brake Light 60 lumen MAX). Mode Memory Enabled. Recharge Your Bike Light Less, and Enjoy Your Rides More
  • BUY NOW WITH NO RISK: At Night Provision we offer only the highest quality sports gear that’s required to pass our rigorous factory standard inspection. We back all our products with an IRON CLAD 60 DAY No Question Asked Money-Back Guarantee — GET A FULL REFUND IF YOU’RE NOT 100% SATISFIED. Our competitors can only protect their products for 3-12 months, while we protect our customers with a Full 2 Year + Limited Lifetime Warranty. Designed, Tested, and Supported in the USA.
Product Name: Proton R60
Model: PRO-R60
Motion Sensing: Multi-Axis Gyroscope
Lumens: 60 Lumens Max
Low: 5 Lumens
High: 15 Lumens
Brake: 60 Lumens
Flood Angle: 210 Degrees
Battery: 680 mAh polymer lithium battery
Charging: Micro-USB 5V/0.5A
Recharge Time: 3-3.5 hours
Size: 2.17 x 1.93 x 1.34 Inches
Weight: 2.1 oz


  1. Flashing High 15 lumen – 15 Hours
  2. Constant High 15 lumen – 4 Hours
  3. Flashing Low 5 lumen – 30 Hours
  4. Constant Low 5 lumen – 12 Hours
  • Brake: Constant Max 60 Lumens (5 Seconds)


    • Proton R60
    • Rubber Mount Fastener
    • Aero Mount Adapter
    • 3M Rubber Pad
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Instruction Manual
    • Quality Certificate