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  • ✔ STAY READY & CHARGE YOUR FLASHLIGHT ANYWHERE: The TK35UE 2018 edition comes equipped with a micro USB port. Charge your flashlight anywhere with any micro USB cable. Charge in your car, laptop, battery pack, or anywhere you can think of. Stay prepared with the powerful TK35 UE at any time. Or leave the cables at home and charge the USB 18650 battery ANYWHERE by lifting the head to expose the hidden USB port. 
  • ✔ OWN THE LATEST & BRIGHTEST IN THE INDUSTRY: Advance Cree XHP-70 LED Allows this flashlight to deliver 3200 Lumens of raw lighting power
  • ✔ INNOVATIVE TACTICAL MULTI-MODE SWITCHING: The innovative toggle switch allows you to quickly switch between tactical mode, outdoor mode and the lock-out function 
  • ✔ BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR: The battery indicator lets you know if the two USB 1300mAh 18650 Li-ion batteries (Included) are in need of charging via the USB port on the battery holder.
  • ✔ READY FOR WORK OR COMBAT: Resilient Design; Waterproof IPX-8 up to 2 meters underwater & Shock Resistant up to 1 meter
  • ✔ NEVER WORRY ABOUT CHANGING SETTINGS TO MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE: Digitally Regulation Battery Conservation; Let your flashlight automatically step down your setting to maintain maximum battery life and brightness
  • ✔ NEVER WORRY ABOUT WARRANTIES OR RETURNS: You are backed not only by Fenix for the flashlight but also by Night Provision Limited Lifetime Guarantee + Our Hassle 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
The Fenix TK35UE Ultimate Edition flashlight is newly upgraded with the latest Cree XHP70 LED which delivers a maximum output of 3200 lumens a distance of 984ft (300m). The innovative toggle switch allows you to quickly switch between tactical mode, outdoor mode and the lock-out function. The battery indicator lets you know if the two 18650 Li-ion batteries (not included) are in need of charging via the USB port on the battery holder. Waterproof and dustproof with a max runtime of 152 hours, the TK35UE flashlight is ready to easily meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast as well as military and law enforcement.
Fenix pushed the limits of the Fenix TK35 and doubled it's lumen output in this limited series of the TK35 Ultimate Edition while maintaining the same look, feel, size, and ease of use. The amazing 3200 lumens enable on this flashlight torch from the latest Cree XHP 70 LED with an enhanced circuitry. The TK35 has been used by search and rescue teams all over the world and offers two switches that are located on the tail end of the light for rapid tactical use. The button can also be used with gloves on suitable making it functional and practical in any harsh climate. The TK35UE is a total powerhouse when compared to its cousin the tactical TK22 and has been the go-to flashlight for backcountry use, search and rescue, and adventurers alike. This tactical flashlight torch uses 2 x 18650 rechargeable or 4 x CR123a non-rechargeable batteries making it an excellent versatile choice as a travel companion or as a power light for the home when faced with an emergency situation. This 2018 Version allows for USB charging built into the flashlight.
INCLUDED: 1 x TK35 UE 2018 Flashlight, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x Holster, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Spare O-ring, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty card, 2 x USB 18650 1300mAh Li-ion rechargeable 18650
*The video shown is for the previous 2015 edition