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$ 11.70

This is the original replacement for the Night Provision BX-1200 bicycle headlight. Non-swivel, fixed mount. Adjustable for any handlebar size. Featuring a Quick-Release clip to conveniently mount and dismount in seconds; to recharge or prevent theft. 
  • [DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN MOUNT] Overtightening the screw is not needed to secure the mount to the handlebar. Doing so can lead to unnecessary pressure that can break the mount. Secure the mount to the point where it doesn't move.
  • OEM Replacement: For the Night Provision BX1200 bike headlight
  • Fits All Handlebars: Adjustable Fit all sized bicycle handlebars of various sizes.
  • Quick-Release: This allows you to easily release the headlight to recharge and remount.
  • Night Provision Warranty: Our full line of products all include a 2-year manufacture warranty for defects in workmanship.


Compatible Model: 
  • BX-1200 Black Headlight
  • BX-1200 Copper Headlight