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ZIREN 140dB High-Traffic Bike Horn & LED Light World's Loudest Electric Horn for Max Safety Alert w/ Remote Switch USB Rechargeable

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  • OWN THE WORLD'S LOUDEST HORN: 140dB Max, the ZIREN will catch anyone's attention, whether it's a car with loud music or truckers on the road; the piercing super sound will alarm anyone of your presence - making your rides safer for road bicycles, mountain bikes, e-bike, BMX cycling, dirt bicycle,
  • ADJUSTABLE SOUNDS FOR DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS: 6 Alarming Sounds to grab attention anywhere. Set #3 & #5 High Pitch Beep if you usually ride in quieter neighborhoods or use the rest for high-traffic city areas. *Warning: High dB sound may cause damage to your hearing when used up close. Cover the front speaker tightly with the palm of your hands and muffle it under your shirt when holding the horn button down to change modes.
  • RIDE WITH MORE CONFIDENCE: Not only can you hear the ZIREN coming, the LED's lights up when the horn switch is pressed, so others will see you as well. The ZIREN also offers 8 multiple lighting modes that can be used as a standalone backup light - when your main headlight runs out of juice. Or, pair it with your main headlight and double-up being seen with all the various strobes and SOS settings.
  • INSTANT CONTROL WITH 2 BUTTON REMOTE SWITCH: A simple Horn & Light remote switch can be mounted on your handlebar for easy left or right-handed access. Never again will you have to fumble while riding in search of the controller button. Simply press your electronic horn to keep you safer in any sudden situation. Both Ziren and its remote switch kit fit any standard-size handlebar up to 1.5" in diameter.
  • ENJOY LONGER RIDES AND RECHARGE LESS: Both ZIREN and the bonus rear light offer longer run-time with premium high mAh Li-ion batteries. The battery is the heart of your device and at Night Provision we only source the best Li-ion battery cells to achieve high-performance products. No need to spend extra money on toxic expensive batteries, simply recharge anywhere with Micro-USB. Rated IPX-4 Waterproof grade to keep you on the road.



Weight: 3 oz

Size: 2.95 x 2.16 In

LED: 4 x Cree XPE LED

Decibel: 140 dB

Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh Li-ion

Charging Indicator: Red 

Full-Charge Indicator: Green











Use Mode 1,2,4,6 in high-traffic areas where louder alerts are needed to demand attention. 

Not designed for children. High dB sound to be used responsibly for ages 16+. 

To be used as a secondary backup headlight if your primary headlight shuts off. Or to be used for extra attention with the various strobe and SOS modes.