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  • ✔ CAPTURES ATTENTION: A single large COB LED delivers an ultra bright 220 lumen blue and red light. Paired with our innovative optical lens, the light is magnified and dispersed throughout a larger area with maximum efficiency.
  • ✔ SUPERIOR MOUNTING OPTIONS: Clip on to your saddlebag, backpack, pockets, or use the rubber strap to mount onto seat-posts and handle-bars. Mount onto the on the bicycle frame, fork, seat-stay and face the LEDs to the ground to create a glowing effect on the road.
  • ✔ EASY CLICK FOR PURSUIT: Raised tactile button makes the Optiks 220 easy to change modes during pursuit. Reach the back of your helmet to press for pursuit mode (alternating red/blue), or below your bikes seat saddle. Fumbling around around to deep press a button is not an option when every second count.
  • ✔ HEAVY-DUTY - DESIGNED FOR WORK: Ride in all weather conditions with a waterproof Grade: IPX4. Rubber backing with an aluminum bezel design protects your gear from damages on duty. With a high capacity li-ion rechargeable battery, a 6 Hour max run-time will get you through your entire shift.
  • ✔ DESIGNED FOR PUBLIC SAFETY: 4 standard modes plus 1 pursuit mode. Mode 4, Red SOS is the most common mode to use with the longest run-time. When in pursuit, press the button once to scroll to mode 5 to instantly enter pursuit mode (alternating red/blue).
Mount on Anything & Go. The OPTIKS P220 has the characters of a perfectly balanced patrol bike light. 
The OPTIKS P220 is the most compact patrol bike light delivering up to 220 lumens, with a single COB LED. The innovative optical lens magnifies the light to create a 240 degree wide range flood that catches everyone's attention.  The P220 is not only visible at night, but is highly noticeable during the day allowing you to control traffic safely, anytime.  

Not only can the P220 be mounted by the traditional rubber strap, but it can also be mounted anywhere with its rear clip. This allows for mounting on your saddle bag, belts, pockets, body gear as well as anywhere on your bicycle for the most versatile options. Weighing in at 1.74oz, the P220 can easily be mounted practically anywhere without weighing you down.  

The P220's power button was designed to be easily pressed in one touch. The tactile button is raised to allow for easy location to scroll to pursuit mode instantly. There's no room for fumbling and errors on duty, so make every second count.  

Designed for law enforcement to perform as a pursuit light while on patrol. the OPTIKS P220 has been paired as the standard rear taillight to our best selling PS1200 police bicycle headlight.  


1. 100% RED 
2. 100% BLUE