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$ 26.70

  • ✔ A SLIMMER DESIGN: 30 COB LED's, Compact Slim Size, & Feather Weight. 1.4oz @ 120 Lumens; LINE 120F delivers visible lumen output in a slim compact size. [Only use to be seen and not as your main headlight]
  • ✔ NIGHT PROVISION™ LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEE: A 100% no hassle, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for a lifetime. We are so confident and serious about our products that we can back the NIPRO RED with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ✔ MOST VERSATILE BIKE LIGHT: Position LINE Vertically or Horizontally; Adjust LINE higher or lower with 2 clicks; Mount LINE on anywhere with 4 secure slotted holes in the stretchable rubber straps. Also, perfect for skateboarding or longboarding with the ability to tilt light to the desired direction.
  • ✔ MICRO USB RECHARGEABLE: Save money and never buy another battery again. Charge quickly at any USB outlet
  • ✔ WATER & SHOCK PROOF: ABS polymer & rubber seals allows for protection from shocks, drops, and rainy days
The Night Provision LINE 120 is the brightest light on the market for its size, delivering a super high intensity 120 Lumens. No more runs to the store to buy expensive toxic batteries. Charge conveniently with any USB device. It takes only 2 hrs for a single full charge. Now with a click of the button, let the drivers behind you be cautious of your existence in the dark.
This compact, yet powerful rear tail light consists of 6 modes: (Standard 6:20), (High Beam 2:45), (Overdrive 1:40), (50% Flash 5:10), (100% Flash 3:00), (Chaotic Strobe 2:50). There are 4 secure slots in the stretchable rubber straps, allowing users to strap on almost anything they can think of. Choose to position LINE-120 Vertically or Horizontally. Adjust with 2 clicks to position LINE-120 higher or lower at your desired angle.
A rubber gasket is installed in the casing to ensure it is water-resistant, so users can use it in the rain. 100% Safety improvement; This ultra high-powered lighting output will increase your visibility to the vehicles surrounding you in the dark.
100% Versatile; this light can be strapped on your helmet, your backpack, your bike, your stroller, boats, and your pet's collar. Be creative and strap it on anywhere.