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TX8 V1 Tail-Cap: Version 1 Mode Programmed (Limited)

$ 9.95

  • This is the original Version 1 TX8 Tailcap which contains the original modes, programmed into the tail-cap.
  • The main preference for some users is the full 5 light settings scroll, in illumination mode for v1.
  • Instead of a quickdraw double-click access to Turbo in v2, a double-click enters strobe with the v1 tail-cap. 
  • Version 1 offers a true Firefly mode, at 0.5lm. Designed for survival use with greater run-time or use at the bedside while others are asleep.
  • No additional modification is required, simply unscrew V2 tail-cap, and replace with v1 tail-cap to use version 1's UI.