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This flashlight bike mount enables riders to have a versatile usage of their flashlight. You can carry your torch anywhere you go and mount it on your bike if it is necessary to enhance your vision in the dark. Two screws to tightly secure the mounting, one on the flashlight and the other on the bike handlebar. Strong structure of the plastic molding ensures it would not break when riding on a rough road. Recommended flashlight to go with this mount is the Fenix PD35 or the Fenix E35, and anything have a cylindrical diameter of 1.25 inches or less. Please visit our flashlight section for variety selection of flashlights. No tools required! Install in seconds. Be versatile and have dual use with your flashlight on your bike or on the go. 
Please use the following measure to find the correct fits.
Flashlight shaft: +1.25 inches
Handlebar shaft: +1.25 inches