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LINE 120F & 120R Compact & Light High Intensity USB Rechargeable Bike Light

The Night Provision LINE 120F & 120R are identical USB bike light that offer an incredible lighting output at 120 lumens. These LED are very light; weighs in at 1.4oz each and helps keep your bike's total weight down. The compact and slim design can be rotated either horizontally or vertically as a added feature to keep your bike looking sharp. The light mount also utilizes a versatile slotted rubber strap that can be stretched to fit on almost anything. A three click adjustment allows for various angles to direct the light where you want it to shine. Not only will this light allow others to easily notice your presence, but it can also assist viewing of the road at night. law enforcement instructors consider anything above 65 lumens a tactical light which is the threshold where direct eye contact may cause temporary blindness and disorientation, so remember guys, please watch where you shine your lights.


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